Customize the tone and language that Concierge agents use

With Concierge, you can control how Concierge agents interact with subscribers, including:

  • Whether or not they can use emojis
  • The formality of their messaging tone
  • Words to avoid using

These settings help agents understand your brand’s voice. As they engage with your subscribers, you can further refine this voice by sending feedback.

Allow or prohibit emoji use

On the Tone Management page, you can control whether or not agents can send emojis, and which ones they’re allowed to use. If an agent enters a blocked emoji in their message, the message doesn’t send until they remove the emoji.

  1. On the Tone Management page, turn on the Enable agents to use emojis toggle to allow emoji use.
  2. Turn this toggle off to prohibit emoji use.
  3. Below Are there any emojis we shouldn’t use?, click the emoji icon to enter prohibited emojis.
    • This option doesn’t appear if you prohibit emoji use in step 1.
  4. Click Save.


Set the tone of Concierge responses

Below Response preferences on the Tone Management page, you can customize the persona that all subscribers experience when texting Concierge agents. This includes the name which all agents go by, the level of formality in their conversations, and types of questions that should be escalated.

Follow the instructions below to set the tone and persona of your agents:

  1. On the Tone Management page, go to Response preferences.
  2. Below Agent persona, enter the name that subscribers see when texting any of your Concierge agents.
  3. Below Please select what tone you would like used, select the level of formality that agents should apply to their conversations.
  4. Below What questions would you like escalated?, mark the checkbox next to subjects that Concierge agents should forward to your escalation email.

    Note: Concierge agents don’t have access to your Shopify store, thus it’s difficult for them to answer questions around shipping information, discount errors, and sizing issues.

  5. Click Save.

Specify words that agents shouldn’t use

Below Block list on the Tone Management page, you can enter up to 10 words that agents are prohibited from using. When an agent enters one of these words in their message, the message doesn’t send until they remove that word.


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