WooCommerce/CloudFront - disable tag caching

If you’ve installed the WooCommerce + Attentive integration and you’re using CloudFront, follow these steps to disable caching of the Attentive tag.

  1. Log in to AWS and navigate to the CloudFront home page.
  2. Look for the distribution corresponding to your site, and click its ID.
  3. Go to the Behaviors tab, and click Create behavior.
  4. On the Create behavior form, enter the following information:
    • Path pattern: */dtag.js
    • Origin and origin groups: Open the drop-down and select the origin for your site. (There might be only one.)
    • Compress objects automatically: No
    • Under Cache key and origin requests: Select Legacy cache settings
    • Object caching > Customize: Change all three input fields (Minimum TTL, Maximum TTL, and Default TTL) to be “0”
  5. At the bottom of the form, click Create behavior.
    You’re directed back to the Behaviors tab of your distribution.
  6. Select the radio button of the new behavior you just created (with a Path pattern of */dtag.js) and click Move up until it’s at the top of the list of behaviors (Precedence value of 0).
  7. Click Save.
    You’ve now disabled caching of the Attentive tag.

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