The BigCommerce integration auto-installs the Attentive tag on your site, which allows Attentive to receive many important customer events, including product views, adds to cart, and purchases. This integration also allows you to sync your entire product catalog to Attentive so that you can send high-performing journeys such as back in stock, low inventory, and price drop. It also lets you segment your customers and branch journeys based on your customers’ purchasing and browsing activity.

Note: To learn more about how you can use product data in Attentive, see Use your product data in Attentive.


Ensure that you meet the following requirements in order to set up this integration:

  • A BigCommerce account

Now, complete the following procedure to set up the integration.

Set up the integration

Complete the following steps to set up the integration:

  1. Navigate to the integrations setup page page and select BigCommerce.
  2. Click Connect.
    This takes you to the BigCommerce marketplace.
  3. Click the Attentive app.
    This gives you a more detailed view of the integration.
  4. Click the GET THIS APP button.
    This brings you to the installation page.
  5. Click Install.
    An installation confirmation page appears.
  6. Check the consent box and click Confirm.
    Your BigCommerce account is now connected to Attentive.
  7. In Attentive, return to the BigCommerce app integration setup page to confirm that it looks like the following image:


We’re here to help! Contact our White Glove team ( to ask about the Attentive + BigCommerce integration.

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