Cordial Podium

With this integration, you can connect Cordial's Podium to Attentive via webhooks to enable you to send mobile messages to your subscribers in the Cordial platform. You can combine email and SMS to send messages at key moments in a user’s journey.

Note: Contact your Cordial account manager to see if you have Open Channel enabled in your account.

Set up a webhook in Cordial

Complete the following steps to create a webhook in Cordial and connect to Attentive’s Messages API.

  1. Log in to your Cordial account.
  2. Navigate to your Podium Orchestrations canvas.
  3. Make an Open Channel request as a step in the Podium Orchestration, and enter the following information in the relevant fields:
    • URL—Enter the following:
    • Method—Select POST
    • Content-Type—Select JSON
  4. Add your formatted payload in the Request Body. The following is an example of the payload you would add:
    "to" : "1234567890",
    "body" : "Thanks for subscribing!",
    "type" : "TRANSACTIONAL",
    "messageId" : "123456789",
    "mediaUrl" : "",
    "notificationUrl" : ""
    Note: If a messageId and the Attentive shortlink are included in the payload, the number of delivered messages, clicks, and conversions can be tracked on the Campaigns page in Attentive. See Create a message in Attentive for details.
  5. Add the following Header Key/Value pairs in the Request Headers section:
    • Enter Authorization (capitalized) as the key.
    • Enter Bearer XXXXXX as the value.
      Note that you can reach out to our White Glove team ( for the token.
  6. Save the webhook.

(Optional) Create a message in Attentive

Complete the steps to create a one-time message in Attentive. This is necessary for generating the message ID and to use the Attentive shortlink for tracking clicks. Note the following for the campaign:

  • Enter a unique Campaign Name—For example, a recognizable name like Cordial {custom campaign} Message.
  • Select an empty segment—You should select a segment that has no existing subscribers. This ensures that the message won't be sent to existing subscribers.
  • Add a shortlink—You should now have a message that's blank except for the shortlink.

After you send the campaign to the blank segment, you can save the message ID from Attentive.


We’re here to help! Contact our White Glove team ( to ask about the Attentive + Cordial Podium integration.

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