Amperity subscriber segment upload

You can provide an external list of subscribers and their corresponding segment name to have it available in Attentive’s platform. While it’s also possible to upload segment lists directly through the platform, this method allows for your lists to update dynamically. To set up this process, you must provide a CSV file that includes the phone numbers or emails of subscribers and the name of the corresponding segmentation list. Schedule an export of your segment from Amperity, delivering the file to an assigned SFTP folder to connect to Attentive where they are processed every 24 hours, ensuring that your segmentation list in Attentive is up-to-date.

You must contact our White Glove team ( in order to configure this process.

Note the following:

  • A subscriber is identified as a phone number or email address. The list cannot contain a mixture of the two, only one or the other. Make sure to tell our White Glove team which identifier you plan to use.
  • If a phone number or email address provided does not match an active and opted-in subscriber in Attentive’s database, it is ignored and not added to the platform.
  • Files containing an existing segment name will replace the existing list, so the full subscriber list should be uploaded each day.

File format

View the following table to understand how the CSV file must be formatted:

  Description Example
File name Attentive accepts CSVs with the name format: {clientdomain}_subscriber_segment_{date}_{file_number}.csv

Note the following:

  • You can contact White Glove ( to retrieve the client domain for your account.
  • The date variable must be formatted as following: YYYYMMDD, with days and months less than 10 being 0 padded.
  • The file_number variable may be omitted if only a single file is being uploaded for that date. Otherwise, please provide a different file number for each file.


Header Do not include a header in the CSV file. The first row should be a phone number or email address and the corresponding segment name. 1234567890, segment 1
Phone number The phone number of the subscriber.

Note the following:

  • Phone numbers should be formatted as: XXX-XXX-XXXX or XXXXXXXXXX
  • Country codes may be included.
The following list outlines accepted values:
  • 1234567890
  • 123-456-7890
  • 1123-456-7890
  • 11234567890
Segment name The name of your segmentation list.

Note the following:

  • Segment names must not contain special characters.
  • Segment names have a maximum length of 64 characters.
  • If the subscriber is to be allocated to an existing segment, this value must be equivalent to the existing segment’s name.
  • If the segment does not yet exist, it will be created when this file is processed.
Most Loyal Customers

The following is an example of what your CSV file should resemble:

1234567890​ segment 1
2345678901​ segment 2
0234567890​ segment 2
4567890123 segment 1

Attentive SFTP folder

The following is an overview of where the SFTP folder is located:

  • Host:
  • Path: /uploads
  • Filename: {clientdomain}_subscriber_segment_{date}_{file_number}.csv

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