The Attentive and Daasity integration enables you to stream intelligent insights from Daasity to Attentive in order to send more personal, automated SMS messages to customers. Daasity integrates all of your data sources into a single data set and view so you can move beyond basic reporting to access powerful business insights that drive strategic growth.

With this integration, you can:

  • Trigger journeys based on purchase behavior, such as purchased specific SKUs, RFM purchasing behavior, first purchase date, or time between orders.
  • Trigger activities in other apps based on subscription status, whether a customer left a review, or engaged with an email.
  • Segment on the aforementioned customer data to send more personalized SMS campaigns to your customers.


Ensure that you meet the following requirements in order to set up this integration:

  • The Audiences feature must be enabled in your Daasity account.
  • Specify the data you want to sync from Daasity to Attentive.


Follow Daasity’s installation guide to set up the integration.

Authorize the Daasity integration

View Audiences: Attentive Targets Endpoint to understand how the Daasity platform uses Attentive’s APIs to update contact information and create events for subscribers in Attentive.

Now, authorize the Daasity integration by following the steps outlined in the documentation, depending on whether you want to trigger a journey, create segments, or both:

Documentation Description Enables what in Attentive? How-to video
Attentive Events Target Send data that you want to use to trigger journeys in Attentive. Create a custom journey with the newly created Attentive Events Target. Audiences Attentive Events Setup
Attentive Subscriber Target Send data that you want to use to create segments for creating campaigns in Attentive. Create a dynamic segment with the newly created Attentive Subscriber Target. Audiences Attentive Subscriber Setup



We’re here to help! Contact support@daasity.com to ask about the Attentive + Daasity integration.

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