Grow your text marketing list compliantly and your email list at the same time using Attentive’s best-in-class sign-up units. Customers can opt in to both email and text marketing in the same sign-up flow. Our integration ensures that emails, phone numbers, and opt-in status automatically sync to Bloomreach so that you can start sending marketing emails immediately and keep your contact data up-to-date.


Ensure that you meet the following requirements in order to set up this integration:

  • You must have a Bloomreach account.

Now, complete the following procedures to set up the integration.

Step 1. Create a Marketplace app in Attentive

First, complete the following steps in Attentive:

  1. On the Marketplace tab, click + Create app.
  2. Enter the App name (e.g., Attentive Bloomreach Integration) and Contact email fields; then click Create.
  3. Copy and save the private API key from the app in a safe place.
    copy api key.png
  4. On the Webhooks tab, enable event webhooks; then select the Subscription webhook radio button and click Save.

Step 2. Collect Bloomreach information

Log in to your Bloomreach account and collect the following information:

  • Project Token—Each project has its own project token (ID) that is used when setting event tracking on the website or in mobile apps. See General project settings to learn how to find your unique project token.
  • API Secret and API key—You can set up an API Group specifically for the Attentive connection. See Setting up API Groups for details, then copy and save your unique API Secret and API key for Attentive.
  • API Base URL—To find your API Base URL in Bloomreach, go to Project settings > Access management > API. Then copy and save the Base URL, as shown in the following image:
  • Hard ID—The identifiers of the Hard ID fields you configured to store email addresses and phone numbers in Bloomreach (e.g., “registered”).

Step 3. Set up the integration in Attentive

Now, complete the following procedure to set up the integration in Attentive’s platform:

  1. Navigate to the Marketplace tab and select Bloomreach.
  2. Enter the following details:
    • Project Token—This identifies which project the Attentive event is sent to. Enter the unique ID that was collected in Step 2.
    • API Base URL—Enter the URL that was collected in Step 2.
    • API Secret—Enter the secret that was generated and saved in Step 2.
    • API Key—Enter the key that was generated and saved in Step 2.
    • Domain Name—Enter the site where the sign-up unit (also known as a creative) is currently hosted. For example,
    • Event Type Label—Enter a unique label to identify this event type. For example, Attentive sign-up capture.
    • (Optional) Email Hard ID—Enter the name of your configured email address Hard ID field in Bloomreach that you collected in Step 2. (This is where email addresses will be stored when they are posted to Bloomreach.)
  3. Edit the Forward Phone Number setting. By default, this setting is enabled. Note the following:
    • Enable this setting to forward any phone numbers collected by Attentive to Bloomreach.
    • Disable this setting to forward only email addresses collected by Attentive to Bloomreach.
  4. If you enabled the Forward Phone Number setting, in the Phone Number Hard ID field, enter the name of your configured phone number Hard ID field in Bloomreach that you collected in Step 2. (This is where phone numbers will be stored when they are posted to Bloomreach.)
  5. Click Set up integration.

Step 4. Send SMS engagement data to Bloomreach

Now, complete the following steps to send real-time engagement data (SMS sends and clicks) from Attentive to Bloomreach so you can enhance your targeting and segmentation using data captured in Attentive.

  1. In your Bloomreach account, navigate to Data & Assets and click Integrations.
  2. Find and select the Attentive integration.
  3. Enter the private API key you generated in Step 1 and click Save integration.
    bloomreach enter api key.png
    Your Bloomreach account is now integrated with Attentive.


We’re here to help! Contact our White Glove team ( to ask about the Attentive + Bloomreach integration.

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