Customer data platforms

Attentive offers a variety of built-in customer data platform (CDP) integrations. If your team uses a CDP we don't yet support, don't worry! We have different solutions in place to help you accomplish your goals with Attentive.

Below we outline how Attentive can work with your CDP using our many tools.

Send data from Attentive to the CDP

When you want Attentive to be the source and the CDP to be the destination, we can share data in two main ways:

Webhooks – Webhooks are a real-time notification mechanism that allows Attentive to inform another system when events/changes occur. For instance, when a subscriber opts in to your SMS program, we can send a webhook that updates your CDP.

SFTP – Attentive can send an automated file feed to send high volumes of data via SFTP on a recurring basis. Then, the CDP can pick up the file and ingest it on its end. SFTPs allow for high volumes of data to be shared with ease.

Send data from the CDP to Attentive

When you want Attentive to be the destination and the CDP to be the source, we can receive data in two main ways. Your implementation approach could depend on your use case.

Provide subscriber/customer data to Attentive

Attentive has two different ways to accept subscriber data–via API or SFTP.

  • API – The CDP can send subscriber profile data to our Custom Attributes API, which appends the attributes to a subscriber’s profile. You can then use these attributes to create segments or personalize messages:

    Create a segment

    cdp 1.png

    Personalize a message

    cdp 2.png
  • SFTP – Attentive can ingest segment files via SFTP. These files contain all subscribers in a segment, either matching on phone number or email address, and then create a similar segment in Attentive.
    cdp 3.png

Provide event data to Attentive

Attentive can capture events from CDPs. This is supported via API. You can send event data to our Custom Events API, which can trigger journeys in Attentive. You can also use custom event data to create segments:

Create/trigger a journey
cdp 4.png
cdp 5.png
Create a segment
cdp 6.png


We’re here to help! Contact your CSM or our White Glove team ( to ask about integrating Attentive with your CDP.

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