Easily craft and launch personalized popup offers, shopping quizzes, landing pages, forms and CTAs that integrate with Attentive, without coding. ConvertFlow has everything you need to increase conversions—in one tool.

With this integration, you can:

  • Build fully custom email and SMS subscribe popups, landing pages, and forms, using the visual builder made for marketers
  • Create shopping quizzes that recommend products and personalize your Attentive SMS campaigns based on quiz answers
  • Show personalized popups, offers, and CTAs to returning subscribers


Ensure that you meet the following requirements in order to set up this integration:

  • You have an Attentive API sign-up unit for ConvertFlow to use (request from your Attentive client strategy manager)
  • You have the ability to install ConvertFlow through Shopify, Google Tag Manager, Segment, or your website code

Now, complete the following procedure to set up the integration.

Step 1. Set up the integration

  1. Go to your ConvertFlow website's integrations page.
  2. Click to connect with Attentive.
  3. In the Attentive platform, grant ConvertFlow access to your Attentive account.
    You’re now able to trigger Attentive automations when people submit your ConvertFlow forms.

Step 2. Use automations to subscribe contacts to Attentive campaigns

As you build landing pages, funnels, popups, forms, surveys, sticky bars, quizzes, etc. in ConvertFlow's visual builder, you can automate the process of sending new subscribers to Attentive.


Using ConvertFlow's automation system, you can add the following Attentive automations to segment subscribers:

  • Attentive - Subscribe to sign-up unit
  • Attentive - Create event

These Attentive automations are triggered by ConvertFlow upon:

  • Form submissions with form elements
  • Survey selections with survey elements
  • Button clicks with button elements
  • Conditional funnel outcomes with conditional actions

Step 3. Add Attentive automations in ConvertFlow

Follow these steps to add an Attentive automation to a form, survey, or button.

  1. Click the element in the ConvertFlow CTA builder to select it.
  2. Click the Confirmation Actions button to the right in the builder panel.
    The Confirmation Actions settings modal displays.
  3. Click + Add Automation below your form's existing automations.
    A form to create a new automation appears.
  4. Select the type of automation you want to create.
    Note: For Attentive, you'll find these automation types as options in the dropdown:
    • Attentive - Subscribe to sign-up unit
    • Attentive - Create event
  5. Based on the Attentive automation type you’ve selected, enter any additional information needed to create the automation. (For example, if you selected Subscribe to sign-up unit, enter an Attentive sign-up ID.)
    IMPORTANT: You must contact your Attentive client strategy manager to have an API sign-up unit registered for ConvertFlow. Once they've done this for you, copy that and use it in your ConvertFlow automations.
  6. Click Create Automation.
    Your automation is saved to your form and listed with your form's other automations above.
    Note: To delete an automation, click the "X" icon to the right of it in the automations list.

Step 4. Map ConvertFlow fields to Attentive custom attributes

When adding custom fields to ConvertFlow form elements, you can write in custom field data names for each field. This allows you to map contact information entered into the ConvertFlow custom field to a custom attribute in Attentive. See the examples below.

Map survey fields to Attentive custom attributes

When you create a survey element in ConvertFlow for a survey or quiz campaign, click the Map to custom field dropdown to the right in the builder panel and write in a custom field data name for your survey.

Map preset ConvertFlow fields to Attentive custom attributes

On your website's Integrations page, when you have Attentive connected, you'll see a Fields button. Click this button to map ConvertFlow's preset contact fields to Attentive custom attributes. Just enter the data name of the Attentive custom attribute you would like ConvertFlow's preset fields to be mapped to, and you're set!
Note: This is useful for mapping contact information added to ConvertFlow's preset fields through ConvertFlow's forms that isn't already mapped to fixed fields in Attentive. (For example, phone and email address are already mapped to Attentive for you.)


We’re here to help! Contact to ask about the Attentive + ConvertFlow integration.

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