July messaging strategies

Ideas and opportunities to help drive more revenue for your business in July.

Fourth of July

  • Promote your upcoming sale early to your VIP segment to “build hype” and then send to your full subscriber list at sale launch.
  • Use Attentive’s Campaign Composer to retarget subscribers throughout the sale with 3-4 campaigns to maximize ROI.
  • Consider using Attentive’s Automated Campaigns to have Attentive AI help you build your campaign.

  • Timely push: 7/1-7/6
Example July 4 campaign message with image. Example July 4 campaign message with image and offer.

Prime Day

  • Celebrate Prime Day with your subscribers by treating them to an extra special deal.
  • Craft engaging message copy with puns surrounding the word "prime."
  • Drive traffic to your Amazon storefront.
  • Timely push: 7/13
Example Prime Day campaign message with image. Example Prime Day campaign message with offer.

Summer Vacation

  • Highlight a new collection or product launch to remind subscribers to stock up on summer essentials.
  • Engage with your subscribers through a Two-Way journey and send product recommendations based on their answers.
  • Instantly segment your most engaged subscribers by having them reply to a two-way journey. Follow-up with a special offer to reward them.
Example summer vacation campaign message. Example summer vacation campaign message with offer.

National Clean Beauty Day

  • Educate your subscribers about your brand's sustainability efforts and direct them to relevant content across your platforms.
  • Promote a new collection or product while highlighting its eco-friendly aspects.
  • Create a fun and informative experience using Two-Way journeys to provide more information about certain products.
  • Timely Push: 7/15
Example clean beauty campaign message with image. Example clean beauty campaign message.

International Plastic Bag Free Day

  • Inform your subscribers about brand initiatives and invite them to participate.
  • Showcase your brand's love for the earth by promoting a limited-time flash sale. Include time-sensitive words to create a sense of urgency.
  • Timely Push: 7/3
Example plastic bag free day campaign message. Example plastic bag free day campaign message.

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Image of July marketing calendar.


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