September messaging strategies

Ideas and opportunities to help drive more revenue for your business in September.

Labor Day Weekend

  • Promote your upcoming sale early to your VIP segment to “build hype” and then send to your full subscriber list at sale launch.
  • Use Attentive’s Campaign Composer to retarget subscribers throughout the sale with 3-4 campaign messages to maximize ROI.
  • Consider using Attentive’s Automated Campaigns to have Attentive AI help you build a campaign.
  • Timely Push: 8/30-9/6
Labor Day campaign message with offer. Labor Day campaign message.

Grandparents Day

  • The day before Grandparent's Day messaging starts, send a conversational campaign that allows subscribers to reply “PAUSE” to not receive Grandparent's Day content.
  • Help your subscribers find the perfect gift based on their price point. Use a Two-Way journey, encouraging subscribers to reply back with the number that corresponds with how much they want to spend.
  • Timely Push: 9/10
Grandparent's Day two-way journey messages. Grandparent's Day message with image.

International Day of Peace

  • Share initiatives your brand is taking towards Peace Day.
  • Focus on building engagement by sending a text from a team member thanking subscribers for their support and encouraging them to reply back.
  • Timely Push: 9/21
Interntional Day of Peach campaign message. Interntional Day of Peach campaign message.

First Day of Fall

  • Create a fun experience with your subscribers through Two-Way journeys. For example, kick off the conversation by asking what their favorite fall item is.
  • Help your subscribers prepare for the season by sending a fall essentials checklist with your new arrivals or seasonal collections.
  • Use Attentive AI to incorporate witty puns into your promotional copy (e.g., “these deals are so good, you can't help but fall for them!”).
  • Timely Push: 9/23
First day of fall campagin message with image. First day of fall campaign message with image.

National Women’s Health/Fitness Day

  • Direct your subscribers to other platforms with relevant content (e.g., a blog post or Instagram live talking about women's health).
  • Show your female-identifying subscribers that your brand cares by sending a checklist of different ways they can take care of their health.
  • Timely Push: 9/27
Women's health and fitness day campaign message with image and offer. Women's health and fitness day campaign message with offer

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Image of September marketing calendar.


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