Evergreen messaging strategies

Ideas and opportunities to help drive more revenue for your business any time of the year.

Bookend sales strategy

  • Send an “early access message” to VIP customers or active subscribers. Kick off your sale with a full-list send to maximize revenue.
  • Retarget engaged shoppers and non-purchasers with an end-of-sale message.
  • Use strong CTA copy, such as “last chance,” “limited time only,” or “don’t miss out.”
Text message announcing final hours of a sale. Text message announcing sale and encouraging subscriber to check sale items daily.

VIP happy hour flash sales

  • Drive revenue and engagement with your SMS VIPs by promoting “happy hour” flash sales throughout the month.
  • Set the sale to one day only or shorten the promotion windows (e.g., from 5-7pm only) to incentivize action during a slow time of year.
Text message announcing a 'VIP happy hour' sale. Text message announcing a 'VIP happy hour' sale.

Test, test, test

  • Experiment with new content types (promotional vs. non-promotional), media types (SMS vs. MMS vs. video vs. audio) or tones of voice (salesy vs. friendly)
  • Adopt new journey or sign-up unit methods into your SMS strategy.
  • Tap into the A/B testing tool suite to optimize program performance.
  • Pro Tip! Test multiple times or for a minimum of one week to ensure statistical significance.
Text message describing a product and an accompanying product image. Text message describing a product without an accompanying product image.

Rewards & referral programs

  • Build higher customer/subscriber lifetime value by cross-promoting your rewards or referral programs in campaigns or journey messages.
  • Use different copy or tones of voice when messaging loyalty members vs. loyalty prospects.
  • Use App Marketplace integrations to sync data from your tech stack to create targeted audiences.
Text message with an invitation to join a rewards program. Text message with an invitation to join a referral program.

Two-Way journeys challenges

  • Create engaging experiences through SMS by asking customers to text back their predictions and reward them with a prize or discount for their guess.
  • Use language like “who/what are you rooting for?” or “reply with your best guess.”
Text message asking subscriber to guess the name of a product. Text message quizzing subscriber about product knowledge.

Gift guide promotions

  • Introduce a gift guide to all subscribers as first touchpoint messages.
  • Tap into keywords to personalize recommendations.
Text message asking subscriber who they're shopping for in order to receive gift recommendations for the chosen recipient. Text message reminding subscriber about end of sale on personalized items.

Gift cards & instant delivery

  • Educate subscribers about gift card offerings ahead of key gift-giving holidays.
  • If using an instant delivery gift service, send your campaign the day before a major gifting holiday.
  • Consider including a texted-a-keyword journey for personalized gifting recommendations.
Text message with link to purchase digital gift cards. Text message asking subscriber who they're shopping for in order to receive gift recommendations for the chosen recipient. Follow-up text message recommending purchase of a gift card.

Buy online, pick up in store

  • Encourage customers to place orders for pickup at nearby retail locations to avoid shipping fees.
  • Consider geo-location targeting to message customers in X radius of store locations.
Text message about sale and 2-hour in-person pickup. Text message reminding subscribers to order ASAP for curbside pickup or same-day shipping.


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