The integration between Personizely and Attentive empowers you to leverage website personalization for targeted SMS outreach. This partnership facilitates growing your customer base, who can receive more advanced tailored content and offers.

This integration offers:

  • New visitor newsletter/sign-up for an incentive – like an exclusive discount
  • Cart abandonment widget – offers a discount to finish up the order, which customers can unlock by submitting their contact information
  • General and targeted surveys – for more comprehensive data collection


Ensure that you meet the following requirements in order to set up this integration:

  • You have an active subscription at Attentive
  • You have an active subscription at Personizely

Now, complete the following procedure to set up the integration for Personizely and Attentive.

Set up the integration

  1. Log in: Begin by accessing your Personizely dashboard.
  2. Navigate: Go to the Settings menu and select the Integrations tab.
  3. Locate and connect: Scroll through the list to find the Attentive app. Click Connect next to it.
    You’re redirected to Attentive.
  4. Authorize: Log in to your Attentive account and grant the required permissions for Personizely.
  5. Set up the widget: Once the authorization is complete and the Attentive integration is active, you need to set up a new Personizely widget, where the automation sends the visitor contact information to Attentive (e.g., a pop-up widget exclusive to new visitors).
  6. Add the automation: Edit the Contact Form or Subscribe Form element in the widget. Add an automation from the Sidebar menu. Select Attentive > Add Contact and enter the Sign-Up Unit ID. Once the widget customization is complete, publish the widget.
    Your Personizely account is now connected to Attentive
    Note: The sign-up unit must be active!

New visitor sign-up welcome contact

After the integration is connected, you can create a custom journey in Attentive using the following custom event from Personizely:

Custom event Properties
New Visitor Signs-up Phone number, Email address

When you collect new visitor entries, your custom journey in Attentive can help you further engage with them. Start with a welcome message to new subscribers.

Cart abandonment widget

After the integration is connected, you can create a dynamic segment in Attentive using the custom attributes from Personizely. Following are the custom attributes available for segmentation:

  • email
  • firstName
  • lastName
  • phone
  • companyName
  • companyTitle
  • marketingConsent
  • privacyConsent
  • address
  • bio

By creating a cart abandonment widget to incentivize the customer to finish up the order for an exclusive discount, you can collect new data. This can further enhance targeted SMS, which can be further segmented on products ordered using the exclusive discount.

Note: All Personizely fields, including custom fields, are synced with Attentive.


We’re here to help! Contact to ask about the Attentive + Personizely integration.

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