Add spin to win to a sign-up unit

Note: This functionality is only available in the US.

Add a spin to win wheel to your new or existing fullscreen sign-up units (mobile and desktop) to gamify the sign-up unit experience. When configuring the wheel, you can select which offer amount is always the winner for your subscribers. We recommend setting the winning criteria as your largest offer amount for an optimal customer experience.
spin to win 1.gif

Note: Before you begin, make sure you’ve configured the offer you want to use as the “winner.” This is the discount amount that the wheel will land on when customers click SPIN.

  1. While editing a fullscreen mobile or desktop sign-up unit template, click plus sign.png and select Spin To Win.
    spin to win 2.png
  2. Customize the headlines.
  3. Customize the wheel elements:
    • Section repetitions – You can have up to three sections.
    • Spin time
    • Wheel speed
    • Center color
    • Ticker color
    • Background color
    • Spoke color
    • Center text
    • Wheel text style
    • Sections – You can create up to five elements, which are repeated sections on the wheel. For each element, add the offer (e.g., 10%, 8%, 6%, 4%) that should appear in that section.
      Note: Be sure to enter the “winner” (i.e., the discount amount that the wheel is designed to land on) as Element One.
      Warning: Attentive’s ADA accessibility checks don't apply to the spin to win wheel.
      spin to win 3.jpg
  4. Click Save changes.

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