Create a Spin-to-Win sign-up unit

Note: This applies to brands based within the US.

Attentive has a suite of spin-to-win templates that allow you to gamify the sign-up unit experience. When configuring the spin-to-win sign-up unit, you select which offer amount is the winner for your subscribers. We recommend setting the winning criteria your largest offer amount for an optimal customer experience.


Create a Spin-to-Win sign-up unit

Before you begin: Make sure you have configured the offer you’d like to configure as the “winner”. This is the discount amount that the wheel will land on when customers click Spin.

Follow the instructions below to create your spin-to-win sign-up unit:

  1. On the Sign-up Units tab, click + Create sign-up flow.
  2. Enter a name for the sign-up unit. We recommend using the syntax, “type-offer-name” to make it easily searchable on your Subscribers page (e.g., "Mobile Fullscreen - 15% Off - Spin to Win")
  3. In the Templates section, select Spin-to-Win, and then click Create.
  4. Customize the page and brand styles of your sign-up unit.

Customize the wheel

After you’ve created the sign-up unit, follow the instructions below to design the wheel.

  1. Click Wheel elements to set up options that are unique to the wheel.
    Warning: Attentive’s ADA accessibility checks don't apply to Spin-to-Win templates.
  2. Below the Element section, add the number of offers that appear on the wheel. You can create up to 5 elements. Element One is the “winner” that subscribers always land on.
  3. When you’re satisfied with your design, click Save and continue.
  4. On the Assign tab select the “winner” offer from the Offer drop-down. This should match Element One from step 2. winning_offer_add.png
  5. Add a welcome journey to the sign-up unit.
  6. Set display rules for the sign-up unit.
  7. Review and activate your sign-up unit.

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