Accurate, usable customer data is becoming harder to come by. The best way to understand your customers and deliver relevance (without creepy personalization!) is to ask customers directly for the data you want. With Wyng, you can easily build interactive digital experiences that engage customers at the right moments, collect their preferences and other zero-party data, and personalize their website experiences in real time. Whether the experience is a product finder quiz, promotion, or preference center, Wyng experiences are always well-timed and user-friendly and offer genuine value to consumers. When Wyng is combined with Attentive’s powerful conversational engagement, your brand has the tools to deliver relevant content across channels to the right audience at the right time.

With this integration, you can:

  • Drive more opt-ins. Directly opt people who engage with Wyng experiences in to Attentive SMS and email campaigns.
  • Personalize at scale. Create audience segments for personalization, using customer preference data gathered during Wyng experiences.


Ensure that you meet the following requirements in order to set up this integration:

  • A Wyng account and product subscription

Now, complete the following procedure to set up the integration for Wyng and Attentive.

Set up the integration

  1. Log in to Wyng, and go to More > Integrations.
  2. Click the Attentive icon.
  3. Enter your OAuth information.

Directly opt people in to email and SMS campaigns from Wyng experiences

After the integration is connected, you can opt people directly in to your Attentive email and SMS campaigns from Wyng experiences. You can link opt-ins to any subscription program defined in Attentive, and we support both email and SMS/mobile opt-ins.

Use custom attributes to create segments for targeted messaging

After the integration is connected, you can create a dynamic segment in Attentive using data collected via Wyng experiences. The data you collect in Wyng and map to Attentive is 100% up to you, but most clients choose to create custom attributes for the customer preferences that matter most to their business. (Some examples are listed below.) Custom attributes are available as characteristics you can choose after you select A subscriber's characteristics on the Create a segment page in Attentive.

Note: With Wyng, you can build many different kinds of experiences to gather customer preferences–including product finder quizzes, post-purchase surveys, preference centers, and promotions. The preferences you choose to collect will depend on your industry and company size. Here are a few examples by industry, from Wyng clients:

  • Product affinities - An insurance company might ask, “What type of insurance are you looking to purchase today (e.g. vehicle, homeowner’s, renter’s, other)?”
  • Buyer personas - A travel company might ask, “Are you an independent traveler or a travel advisor?”
  • Needs - A cosmetics company might ask, “Do you have any of the following skin concerns: redness, sensitivity, dryness?”
  • Interests - A fashion retailer might collect preferred styles, colors, or brands.
  • Values - A CPG brand might ask if a consumer values sustainable or organic products.
  • Communication preferences - A grocery retailer might ask if a customer wants to receive emails about new products, special offers, or recipe ideas.


We’re here to help! Contact support@wyng.com to ask about the Attentive + Wyng integration.

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