Send Concierge acknowledgement autoresponses

During Concierge business hours from 8:00 AM - 12:00AM EST, your Concierge agents will see and respond to most subscriber messages within about five minutes.

Occasionally, your Concierge agents won’t be able to reply to subscriber messages immediately. Usually, that’s because your agents are responding to incoming subscriber messages from large campaigns, automated journeys, and more. Acknowledgment autoresponses are usually sent during peak hours or during unpredictable traffic spikes to your site.

The default acknowledgement autoresponses look like this:

“Thanks for the text! I’m looking into this now and will get back to you in a few minutes.”


Acknowledgment autoresponses are automatic and are only sent when subscribers initiate a new conversation with Concierge agents.

There are some important details you should understand about when these messages do or don’t send:

  • You’re billed at your normal rate for messages. You will not be billed at the Concierge message rate for acknowledgment autoresponses.
  • Acknowledgment autoresponses are sent only when a subscriber initiates a new conversation. If the same subscriber sends additional messages, they will not be sent further acknowledgment autoresponses after the first.
  • Autoresponses are only sent if the subscriber asks a question, or if the subscriber is clearly responding to a journey or campaign message.
  • Any messages subscribers send during a LiveSMS conversation will not trigger an acknowledgment autoresponse.
  • You can leave feedback on autoresponses just like other Concierge messages.
  • Autoresponses are sent only during business hours. If a subscriber sends you a message outside of business hours, your default autoresponse is sent instead.
  • By default, acknowledgment autoresponses are enabled for your account if you’re using Concierge. If you want to disable this feature, reach out to your CSM.

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