Add an offer reminder to your welcome journey

In addition to editing your welcome message copy, you can also add an offer reminder message to your welcome series.

  1. Add a Wait step to your journey. We recommend a delay of 1 day.
  2. Add a Branch step. Select the following behavior on the main branch:
    • Trigger: Has redeemed assigned coupon
    • Frequency: At least once
    • Recency: Since starting this journey
  3. On the Else branch, re-insert the {{subscriber.signupOffer.code}} variable in your message copy. For example, “Still deciding? In case you missed it, use discount code {{subscriber.signupOffer.code}} at checkout. Shop now: <link to site>”
  4. Add an End journey step. 
  5. Click Turn on.
  6. Choose to either allow subscribers to complete the existing journey or end the existing journey for all.
  7. Click Turn on new journey.

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