Offer distribution

When you create unique or integration offers in Attentive, you now have options to control which codes are valid to be distributed during a specific timeframe and when these codes should expire. These options display in the new Distribution window section of the Create unique discount codes and Create integrated discount codes windows.

You decide whether subscribers receive a new code from the offer vs. a code they’ve previously received but haven’t redeemed. This ensures a subscriber always receives a valid code (defined as one that hasn’t been redeemed and isn’t expired) and lets you streamline offers across Attentive in both campaigns and journeys.



Process overview

We will always send a “valid” code, and we determine a code’s validity based on your distribution window selection and a subscriber’s activity. For example, subscribers receive a new code from the offer if they’ve redeemed the previous code, they’ve never received a code from the specific offer, or their previous code from the offer has expired (outside its distribution window).


Distribution windows

All unique and integrated offers have a distribution window, which is the duration or time period during which an offer is valid for distribution within an Attentive message. Once a distribution window ends, subscribers receive new, valid codes from that offer. Choose from the following distribution window options:

  • Never expires (default): A subscriber receives the same code with each message until it’s redeemed.
  • Time to live: You set the time period (number of hours, days, weeks, or months) during which a subscriber receives the same code until it’s redeemed (if you choose 0 days, a new code is sent with each message, regardless of expiration or redemption status).
  • Custom time period: You upload codes with specific date ranges during which the batch of codes is valid. Once the end date has passed, subscribers receive codes from a valid batch.

    Note: For integrated offers, the custom time period is pulled directly from Shopify and can’t be edited within Attentive.


  • Messages classified as already subscribed or auto-response always default to the original sign-up offer. This means the distribution updates don‘t apply in those circumstances and a subscriber could receive a code that’s been redeemed. We suggest removing the {{offer.code}} from your auto-responses to avoid this.
  • The offer distribution window applies to all offers across Attentive, including those in journeys, campaigns, text messages, and emails.

Use cases

These example use cases can help you understand how to best set up your offer distribution windows.

Desired Outcome Example Use Case(s) Appropriate Distribution Window Settings
Only send one code per offer to a subscriber until it’s been redeemed

Use the same 10% offer in your welcome journey and your cart abandonment journey so that subscribers don’t get multiple codes unless they’ve already redeemed one.

Send a follow-up campaign with the same code to subscribers who haven’t yet redeemed it.*

Never expires
Send a new code after a certain amount of time Ensure a subscriber who opts out and back in (from the same offer) after a certain amount of time doesn’t receive an outdated or expired code.

Time to live = 90* days

*Pick your timeframe

Send a new code after a specified date (expiration) Swap out welcome codes seamlessly without needing to edit or delete codes each month.

Custom time period

Make sure each upload (e.g., one month’s worth of codes) has its own date range. The codes automatically expire once the end date passes, and subscribers receive a new code from within the valid window

Send a new code every time a subscriber qualifies for an offer Always send a new code regardless of redemption or timeframe. Time to live = 0 days

Note: Your follow up campaign should exclude a segment of subscribers who have purchased since the previous message was sent.

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