Attentive campaigns let you build and send messages to your subscribers in the following formats:

  • A/B test campaigns: Test up to four variations of the same message. This helps you determine which messaging converts the most subscribers into customers.
  • One-time message campaigns: Send an individual message to subscribers to communicate specific events, such as upcoming promotions or restocked items. 

Each type of campaign is 100% customizable; however, we also have templates to get you started.

Ways to incorporate campaigns

You can also incorporate campaigns into larger efforts, such as engaging a certain audience, making announcements, or better understanding how to engage your subscribers. Some ways we recommend incorporating campaigns include:

  • Showcase products to subscribers in your journeys. When configuring a journey, you can add a Send Message step to incorporate a one-time, contextual, or A/B test campaign in the journey. When doing so, select a subscriber segment (target audience) and branch based on the behavior of that audience. This allows you to tailor the message based on the segment’s purchase history, level of engagement, or other factors.
  • Promote VIP events and offers to highest-paying subscribers. Send a one-time message to a segment of subscribers to invite them to events, inform them of limited-edition items, or send them exclusive offers.
  • Run A/B tests to identify trends. To better understand which content and multimedia in your campaigns best engage subscribers, you can create an A/B test. A/B tests are initially only sent to a small number of subscribers, and the best-performing variant is sent to the rest.

Access and manage your campaigns

From the Campaigns page, you can view and manage all of your campaigns. Click the following tabs to sort them by status:

  • Scheduled: Campaigns that will be sent in the future. You can see the scheduled date and time, as well as the segments included in the campaign.
  • Delivered: Completed campaigns and their associated CTR, CVR, and revenue. For more on these terms, check out Campaign performance and metrics.
  • Drafts: Existing campaigns that haven’t been scheduled or delivered.

click on the Scheduled, Sending, and Drafts tabs to access related campaigns


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