With Journeys, you can send personalized, triggered messages to subscribers based on their actions. This includes welcome messages for new subscribers, discounts for remarketing, and announcements for limited-edition products.

Our pre-built journey templates are optimized for engagement and conversion. You can leverage these journeys in the following ways:

  • Directly engage with subscribers to uncover their preferences. Create Two-Way Journeys™ to directly ask customers for their preferences and send a customized response.
  • Build behavioral messages to send customized offers. Send subscribers customized messages based on their actions after they enter a journey. You can leverage these to recommend complementary products after a successful purchase.
  • Notify subscribers of order and product status. Subscribers can enroll in post-order journeys to inform them of order confirmations, shipping information, subscription status, and more.

Access and manage your journeys

From the Journeys tab, you can view and manage all of your journeys. You can filter them by status (Active, Inactive, and Draft) and by the following triggers:

  • Signed up: Welcome journey; subscribers enter this journey when they opt in to messaging.
  • Viewed a product: Browse abandonment journey; subscribers enter this journey if they view a product but don’t purchase it or add it to their cart.
  • Added to cart: Cart abandonment journey; subscribers enter this journey if they add a product to their cart but don’t purchase it.
  • Made a purchase: Post-purchase journey; subscribers enter this journey after they successfully complete a purchase on your website.

After you find the journey, you can click the three dots on the right side to access performance metrics, edit it, or duplicate it for future journeys.


To get started creating journeys, check out the resources below:

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