Get started with the Shopify integration

With the Shopify integration, you can enable a variety of features to grow your subscriber list and integrate Shopify store data. These include:

  • Synchronizing historical and real-time SMS subscribers: When subscribers opt in through Attentive or Shopify, bidirectional syncing occurs, ensuring that you have the customer information within Shopify and Attentive.
  • Sending transactional journeys: These are triggered, transactional messages that let subscribers know when their order is confirmed, when it shipped, and when it arrived.
  • Creating Shopify segments: These allow you to use customer data and lifetime purchase data from your Shopify store in your customer messaging. Then, you can combine these segments with Attentive segments to send the right message to the right audience.
  • Setting up offers: You can integrate discount codes from your Shopify store, create new ones in Attentive, and replenish them when they run out. This allows you to send special offers to your subscribers when they opt in to messaging.
  • Adding personalization to messages: These fields pull customer-specific information from your Shopify store, such as their name, address, or their recently viewed products. This creates a more personalized experience for each of your subscribers.


To start integrating with Shopify, check out the resources below:

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