Sign-up units are customizable popups through which customers can subscribe to your messaging. Use these to quickly grow your subscriber base by converting customers into SMS and email subscribers, incentivizing them with offers and adding them to a welcome journey when they opt in.

If you’re a new Attentive user, we recommend that you set your default brand styles before creating your first sign-up unit. This ensures that all future sign-up units follow the same visual template. You can edit these styles at any time!

Landing pages

In addition to creating your sign-up units, we also recommend that you create landing pages for social media and email marketing. These are static capture forms hosted by Attentive that you can host outside your main website. Unlike sign-up units, these are always active and don’t limit who can see them.

example landing page with a 10% discount for those who enter their email


Leverage the resources below to start collecting subscribers!

Get started

Create sign-up units

Design sign-up units

Create landing pages

Manage sign-up units

Sign-up unit compliance

Best practices and use cases

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