On the Settings tab, you can update and manage account and messaging configurations. By default, these configurations apply to all capabilities within the Attentive platform.


To get started configuring your settings, check out the resources below:

  • Contact cards: Add or edit your name, address, and time zone for sending messages. If you’re using a dedicated phone number, you can also create a contact card for your subscribers to save in their phone.
  • Smart Sending: Prevent subscribers from receiving too many one-time messages within a certain time frame. The default setting is 12 hours.
  • Quiet Hours: Prevent subscribers from receiving messages late at night. The default quiet hours apply between 8:00pm-12:00am (subscribers’ time). Instead, subscribers receive the message after quiet hours end.
  • Autoresponders: Configure an automated response to confirm to subscribers that they’ve successfully opted in.
  • Custom attributes: Segment your subscribers with custom attributes to define and collect.
  • Connected apps: Build third-party integrations with access to Attentive’s APIs to access account data.

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