Get started segmenting current subscribers

As you grow your subscriber list, you can access insightful tools to edit your branding, remove subscribers, and gather important metrics from the Sign-up Units page. This includes:

  • Insight chart: At the top of the Sign-up Units page, view your subscriber list growth for marketing SMS subscriptions.
  • Sign-up units: View the number of Impressions served, CTR, total Clicks, types of Subscribers, and the CVR of each of your sign-up units.
  • Schedules: Review the schedule of all active and upcoming sign-up units.
  • Subscriber profiles: Collect and interpret valuable information for each unique subscriber. You can use this data to optimize your marketing touchpoints and deliver more personalized and meaningful experiences.

Additionally, you can grow your list confidently knowing that these tools are built with compliance in mind and automatically check ADA accessibility and maintain audit trails.

Subscriber segmentation

As your list continues to grow, you can divide it into segments for more customized, targeted messaging. Segments are subsets of subscribers that you create based on their actions or properties. When you segment your subscribers, you can send further personalized messages to engage them. Example segments include:

  • Subscribers who’ve browsed a product on your website
  • Subscribers who’ve added a product to their cart
  • Device type
  • Device operating systems

Conversations with your subscribers

When subscribers respond to your messages, the Attentive platform logs their response on the Conversations tab. From here, you can directly respond to the subscriber, view which colleagues have responded to them, and unsubscribe users.

Additionally, if you choose to take advantage of a customer service integration, Attentive also displays those conversations on this page.


To get started with your subscriber list, check out the resources below:

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