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Attentive Concierge™ connects your subscribers with live agents to increase your revenue, CVR, and support response times. These agents use your customer service materials to respond to browsers and subscribers on your behalf.

As pictured below, customers can subscribe to your SMS marketing messages in your LiveSMS unit to begin chatting with an agent. If they’re already subscribers, their texting app opens with your text message history. Within 5 minutes, a Concierge agent will respond to the subscriber, and enhance their shopping experience.


As you set up Concierge in your Attentive account, you configure the voice and tone of your brand for agents to adhere to. You can also add offers that agents can incentivize conversions with. Once this is set up, all subscriber responses are funneled to your agents, enabling them to:

  • Offer instant SMS support to site browsers: When you add a LiveSMS sign-up unit to your website, browsers can instantly message agents with their questions. This allows Concierge agents to offer a personal touch to your high-intent customers.
  • Improve response times to customer inquiries: Attentive Concierge will help reduce your support backlog by handling all incoming SMS requests. After a browser opts in, your autoresponse is sent, informing them that an agent will be with them shortly. Within 5 minutes, a Concierge agent will reach out with an authentic response.
    Offer product recommendations and personalized experiences: Concierge agents have been trained to provide product recommendations based on subscriber experiences. You can leverage these conversations to better understand your customer base.

In order to receive personalized recommendations or answers to their questions online, browsers must opt in to receive texts from you. Then, the Concierge agent can guide them through their shopping experience.


To get started with Concierge, check out the resources below:

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