You can configure offers to motivate subscribers to sign up for messaging, complete a purchase, or remain engaged with your company. You can add offers to sign-up units, journeys, and campaigns.

From the Offers tab, you can create new discounts and manage existing ones. After you’ve created at least one offer, this page displays the following information for each one:

  • Date created
  • Date last updated
  • Remaining number of discount codes out of the total
  • Status

After you apply a discount code to a sign-up unit, the offer details reflect that information as well.

Shopify offers

If you integrate with Shopify, you can directly sync your discount codes and replenish them as necessary. After you sync a unique discount code, the External ID appears in the URL. Then, you can dynamically replenish the Shopify codes when they run out. Shopify offers also appear on the Offers page.

you can access all of your offers from the Offers page in the Attentive platform.

To get started with offers, check out the resources below:

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