Punchh: postback and messaging integration

Connect Attentive with Punchh, a loyalty platform, to grow your list of SMS subscribers. You can reward your customers with loyalty points when they sign up to receive SMS marketing campaigns. After a subscriber opts-in to receive messages, Attentive can pass back the subscriber’s email address and phone number to your Punchh account. With this integration, you can also send targeted campaigns and journeys to your loyalty subscribers through Attentive.

Note the following:

  • A subscriber’s phone number must exist in Punchh for the SMS status in Punchh to be updated.
  • If the phone number doesn’t exist in Punchh, the SMS status is not updated.
If you’d like to upload a Punchh segmentation list to Attentive, see Punchh: SFTP segmentation integration.


Contact our White Glove team (whiteglove@attentivemobile.com) and ask for your unique Attentive API token and endpoint URLs. This must be used in order to set up the configuration in Punchh.

Step 1. Contact your Punchh representative

  1. Contact your account representative at Punchh and ask them to enable the SMS feature and set up the SMS Service Configuration.
    Make sure to provide them with the Attentive API token and the endpoint URLs that you collected in the Prerequisites section.
  2. Additionally, ask them to provide you with the following information (to be used later in Step 2):
    • Your Punchh Base URL
    • The Business UUID
    • Your unique Client ID and Secret
  3. Finally, ask the rep to set up the Punchh Amplify feed so that you can access loyalty attributes about guests in real time between Punchh and Attentive.

Step 2. Set up the integration in Attentive

Now, complete the following procedure to set up the integration in Attentive:

  1. Navigate to the integrations setup page and select Punchh.
  2. Enter the following details that were previously collected in Step 1:
    • Base URL
    • Business UUID
    • Client ID
    • Secret
  3. Click Set up integration.
    Your Punchh account is now connected to Attentive.


We’re here to help! Contact our White Glove team (whiteglove@attentivemobile.com) to ask about the Attentive + Punchh integration.

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