Punchh: postback and messaging integration

Connect Attentive with Punchh, a loyalty platform, to grow your list of SMS subscribers. You can reward your customers with loyalty points when they sign up to receive SMS marketing campaigns.

After a subscriber opts-in to receive messages, Attentive can pass back the subscriber’s phone number to your Punchh account. With this integration, you can also send targeted campaigns and journeys to your loyalty subscribers through Attentive.


  • A subscriber’s phone number must exist in Punchh for the SMS status in Punchh to be updated.
  • If the phone number doesn’t exist in Punchh, the SMS status is not updated.
  • If you'd like to upload a Punchh segmentation list to Attentive, please reach out to your Attentive CSM.

Step 1. Contact your Punchh representative

  1. Contact your account representative at Punchh and ask them to enable the SMS feature and set up the SMS Service Configuration. Ask them to provide you with the following information (to be used later in Step 2):
    • Your Punchh Base URL
    • The Business UUID (referred to as the Business Key in Punchh). This is available under under Cockpit POS Integration Business Key. Reach out to Punchh CSM to get this info. On the Attentive Portal, change the field title name from Business UUID to Punchh Business Key or simply Business Key.
    • Your unique Client ID and Secret
  2. Finally, ask the rep to set up the Punchh Amplify feed so that you can access loyalty attributes about guests in real time between Punchh and Attentive.

Step 2. Set up the integration in Attentive

  1. In Attentive, go to App Marketplace and select Punchh.
  2. Enter the following details that were previously collected in Step 1:
    • Base URL
    • Business UUID
    • Client ID
    • Secret
  3. Click Set up integration.

Your Punchh account is now connected to Attentive.

Use custom events in journey trigger

After the integration is connected, you can create a custom journey in Attentive that allows you to message SMS subscribers who’ve expressed intent to sign up for or already signed up for a loyalty account in Punchh.

Use custom attributes to create segments for targeted messaging

After the integration is connected, you can create a dynamic segment in Attentive using the custom attributes from Punchh. Among many custom attributes available for segmentation are the following:

Field Description
Punchh Loyalty Signup How the user signed up for Punchh Loyalty (i.e., via an Attentive sign-up unit or text-to-join)
Guest Type The type of user in Punchh’s system (i.e., Loyalty or eClub)
Age verified If the Punchh user has verified their age
Banned If the Punchh user was marked as Banned in Punchh
Birthday User's birthday in Punchh
Anniversary User’s wedding anniversary in Punchh
Favorite locations User’s favorite location in Punchh. Locations come over as names
Gender Male, Female, Decline to State
Last activity at The last activity date/time the user’s profile was updated in Punchh
Last sign in at The last time the user signed into their Punchh loyalty account
Marketing push notification subscription If the user signed up for push notifications
Marketing email subscription If the user signed up for email marketing in Punchh
Preferred locale User’s preferred language
Signup channel Where the user signed up for Loyalty (e.g., Apple Pay)
Sms subscription If the user is subscribed for SMS in Punchh
Unsubscribed If the user is unsubscribed from email in Punchh
Zip Codes User’s Zip code


We’re here to help! Contact our White Glove team (whiteglove@attentivemobile.com) to ask about the Attentive + Punchh integration.

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